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Samsu oil is a herbal remedy manufactured in “Jakarta-Indonesia” to manage all conditions of premature climaxing in men. It is very effective in the management of early climaxing caused by hypersensitivity of the p*nis. The herbal oil is made from natural ingredients that compose of It is made of Zingiberis Rhizoma extract…….20%w/v and Myicroetices S3men……..10%w/v. As a result of the natural formulation of samsu oil, it is free to use on all skin types.

Samsu Oil indications & Efficacy

Samsu oil is indicated or used for patients suffering from premature ejaculation only. Mind you, this is the only work it does no more any less. The product will work for you as long as your condition is not caused by any medical condition or psychological issues.

In addition, samsu oil is formulated for Men(not for men below the age of 18). As a note of warning, this product is not a substitute for any medical prescription. On the contrary, it is a kind of supplement for it. Although the product suffered a slight dip in efficacy, it is still the overall best in curing premature ejaculation

  1. Samsu oil can be used to manage or control premature climaxing in it does this by reducing the oversensitivity of the p*nis
  2. By extension, it prolonge peaking to up to 25 minutes or more.
  3. The oil is also good in the improvement of sexual energy.
  4. Surprisingly, samsu also solves poor erection issues(If applied correctly)

Beware! The oil Won’t Work for the Following Conditions:

  • Samsu oil can’t be used to increase the size of your organ. Besides, there is no proven drug that will drastically increase the width and length of your penis. I am afraid, if you want a real increase, you will need surgery. I wouldn’t advise such anyways.
  • Similarly, the product won’t give you a strong erection.
  • In addition, like every other medication, please don’t abuse the product. Don’t use it aggressively and too frequently. If you use any medication unnecessarily, there abound to be a drop in efficacy. Apart from this, ensure that the product is administered correctly at all times. If this product doesn’t work as expected in your case, only two things could be the reason. 1. you have other underlying erectile issues(apart from natural over-sensitivity of the male organ) or 2. You Missapply samsu Oil.
  • Also, don’t believe anyone that says it can boost your libido. and increase  It is for premature ejaculation only. Some also sell the fake without knowing that it’s the fake samsu oil.
  • Furthermore, samsu oil is not formulated to give you multiple erections. You need to have an erection before using samsu oil. However, it can help you sustain your erection.

Note: effect therapy for premature ejaculations always tends to slightly numb the male organ which is the opposite of boosting the libido which leads to a hard erection. Therefore, the is no way samsu can help you with erectile dysfunction. on the contrary, if you are suffering from a weak erection, get that treated first.

How to use Samsu oil for the Best Result

Samsu oil’s application is key to it working effectively. There are side effects to over-application of the oil while applying or using too little may not give you the desired results.  If you want to learn how to use Samsu oil for the overall best results and performance, please adhere to the following guides to the letter.

As a side note, If you take Jalin with 65cl of blended watermelon before applying Samsu oil, you are poised to increase your pleasure.

  • To get out a drop, simply turn the opening of the bottle against the tip of your finger.
  • First off, start with just about 4 drops first on a non-absorbent flat surface like the plastic of CD.
  • Next, apply it on the cap of the p*nis and let it go round under the shaft/rod. Wait for like 4 seconds for it to fully dry off before you wear your clothes. While at it, you can stroke the liquid around the other skin part but not the scrotal sac/scrotum
  • Be sure to apply it between 30 minutes to 2 hours before you commence the action. You can wash it off after 15 minutes of application to reduce the tingling sensation that is felt shortly after application.
  • The tingling sensation feels like you applied mentholated solutions. Don’t worry about it. It’s harmless and shows the active ingredients are working.
  • Washing off will not reduce the efficacy. Not even a bath will.  In fact, the longer you wait after application, the better the effect. By extension, it means that it will work better after 3 or 4 hours from when applied.
  • You may or may not wash off. But it’s advised you wash off, especially if BJ is part of your lovemaking routine.
  • For the best results, you can have a clean bath or wash the organ clean before applying it to it.
  • The instruction isn’t exactly generic. With time, you’ll be able to figure out how to suit it to your system.
  • While the product isn’t toxic, it’s not edible and is for external use only. The current batch currently in stock has an expiry date of July 2021.
  • Apart from the tingling sensation (which fizzles out upon washing off), there is absolutely no side effect from the use of the product.
  • A bottle can last you up to twelve times of use. That gives you an idea of what a drop is in terms of quantity.

What are the side effects of using Samsu oil?

Obviously, there are no drugs or medication without side effects. Samsu oil is not an exception. However, the side effects of samsu oil are so mild to the extent that you will not notice it if you apply the oil correctly. Highlighted below are some of its side effects:

  • If you apply too much, you will feel like you applied a hot balm on your tender organ. The more you apply, the hotter you feel
  • Another side effect is that it numbs you if you apply too much of it
  • Please don’t get addicted. If you have other underlying medical conditions, go and see your physician. Moreover, you should use this only once in a while. 

As you can see, samsu is well tolerated with insignificant side effects when used in the right way.

Benefits of using Samsu over Pharmaceutical Drugs

.How to use Samsu oil

  • Firstly,  it’s not chemical-laden like most pharmaceutical drugs. It’s completely formulated from root extracts.
  • Secondly, Your kidney and liver will not be put at risk from the ingestion since samsu is for external use only. That’s the risk associated with most edible herbal mixtures around especially when not taken in the right proportion.
  • Also, with Samsu Oil, it doesn’t matter whether or not you eventually have intercourse after applying the product. There are no side effects of an application without usage.
  • No after use irritation, no migraine (common with Vega when intercourse doesn’t eventually take place) no aftermaths, no consequences.
  • Will you need to continue to use the product every single time you need to meet with your partner? NO. You don’t need to worry about addiction. And guess what, even after 72hrs of application, it switches on spontaneously once there is arousal.
  • Invariably, you don’t have to get addicted to it. With time, you’ll feel it’s needless to use it prior to every session.
  •  It can be discontinued once you find that your s*x life has been redefined positively. All in all, you have nothing to worry about.
  • Samsu oil is safer than most pharmaceutical capsules and tablets since you apply it externally and it is made of root extracts.

  • No worries about taste or smell as a result of its external application

  • The price of Samsu oil is comparatively cheaper.

  • No issues of no effect on a man’s fertility as a result of using samsu Oil. 

    Where can I buy the Original Oil?

    We have the product in stock as at the time of writing this post. You can contact us via the site’s contact page to place your order. Similarly, you can send us an email at “[email protected]” or call us on +233267000104.